Picture That

Ever see a picture and it move you? Make you laugh? Tell a story even? Can you consider how much more of an impact it would be with pictures included in blogs? Whether the blog post is about entertainment and there is a picture of a sensational screenshot of a music video; or a how-to or something you made and a picture of your creation is there. Pictures work wonders!

But beware, don’t just throw any picture up there!! You want something as good as your post to accompany your post. Obviously, you don’t want to throw a picture up of some puppy and you’re posting about weddings. So make it count! Look through online image hosting sites such as Flickr for instance.

Whatever you pick and wherever you choose it, make sure to give credit though. Give credit to the person who took it if it’s not a stock photo. Let’s be real, if it was your photo wouldn’t you like credit?! Of course.

So get out there! Show us what you’re missing!

"Rosie the Blogger" by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com


2 thoughts on “Picture That

  1. Jill! I really enjoyed this post! And I really like your sense of humor ;-). And you are right, the picture must fit the topic of the blog. I am so proud of your new blogging skills 🙂

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