Conference PreFunk: be there or be square, or a rhombus.

Want something more? Craving more of God’s presence? SEU’s first annual Conference is being held in downtown at the Polk Theatre February 6-8, 2011. Services are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning @ 9am, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night @ 7pm.

Can’t get there? No worries mon; SEU will provide transportation to all the services thanks to Ray Allen and his team. Word on the street is some of Student Development is trying to get some local restaurants and coffee shops to give SEU major discounts with the showing of their ID. Stay tuned for more Conference Updates.

BUT BEFORE ALL OF THAT…..IS THE CONFERENCE PREFUNK! The PreFunk is Monday, January 30 at Bush Chapel. Come at 8pm for pumping music and food, and the service featuring guest speaker Mark Venti at 9pm. Get there early and jam with us, and to get a good seat. It’s going to be killer!

Conference PreFunk- designed by Jillian Reid


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