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1. Liz ColburnSocial Medias Galore!– 1/25/12

Oh Liz Colburn, I love the way you explain the way you use Facebook, because quite frankly it is SO DARN TRUE. I love the “4 C’s”. Very clever. And I like your view on podcasting; in fact, I even learned that the term podcasting came from “iPod” and “broadcasting”. I do in fact learn something everyday.Thanks for sharing your knowledge and sass.

2. Annalee ColeHello, Future Bloggers!– 1/26/12

Annalee, Thank you so much for this post. Truly, I am a clueless novice blogger. I have just gotten started! But once I get the hang of it, I feel it will be ok. Thanks for the tips; I really want to impliment these tips into my blogging so it will be enjoyable to read as well as enjoyable to write. I am interested to see what you post in the future :)

3. Taylor FlumerfeltLessons for PR Students & Pro’s: Valentine’s Day Style– 2/2/12

Dear goodness, how do you find all these insightful and helpful ideas?! In all honesty, you have great stuff here. So where do you get these ideas? I just love this post and it’s advice. I really love the point about how to be an effective blogger, not to say what’s already been said; simple concept but super effective. Thanks for your voice here on WordPress, as a fellow blogger and friend. Keep it up.

4. Mylon Bunce– Did I Write That?– 2/12/12

Wow, that would be a tough thing to handle. I’ve never had that happen to me before, but if I were in that situation I think that I would try to contact them directly and politely ask them to remove it or give me proper credit. But if that didn’t work, I wouldn’t have known what to do if I did not read this post. I now know there is actually a form to submit to correct all wrongs if politely asking doesn’t work. It’s true, you do learn something new everyday! Thanks for your thoughts!

5. Sera Virginia– Grammar Girl Say What?– 2/18/12

I think it’s pretty funny that our TOW title for Grammar Girl was the pretty much the same. Yours is “Grammar Girl Say What?” and mine is “Grammar Guru, say what?!”. I’m not sure what really happened but perhaps we’re just too good for our own good! haha. I enjoyed the content of this blog as well as the info graphic/table, I always stumble on those!

6. Daniel Barcelo Bieber PR– 2/26/12

Daniel, I like how you keep things real, and how you talk about things that people can actually relate to and enjoy. Sometimes people can get caught up in trying to impress others by trying too hard, but you go what we’re looking for. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to you helping me stay on top of things.

7. Jessica WinsteadInfographics? What?– 3/12/12

Thank you so much for this post! One, it’s very informative, and two, it’s pretty entertaining. You brought a good point up about how even subconsciously we are exposed to infographics everyday. I had never thought about it in that way before. Personally, I love them and how effective they are. Thanks for sharing! Have you ever made one or wish that there were particular topic themed inforgraphics that were out there?

8. Taylor FlumerfultPodcasts: What’s in them for PR Students– 3/12/12

Taylor, as a PR student, this post was very helpful to further myself in the PR realm and definitely refreshed things that I forget to put weight in. I’ve also found that even Facebook can be beneficial. I had a company in Miami contact me about event planning and wanting to plan an event merely because my info on my profile said “Production Events Marketing Coordinator”. Even the simple, sometimes overlooked aspects can be so useful. Thanks for the post!

Molly, I love how you can relate to everyone! You always have a diverse range of ideas and topics and I always know that I can keep up with current topics. Thank you for being so honest and fun with your writing and keeping it hassle-free. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for you and everything you do.
I will admit, the video caption is the first thing that made me take a second look  at that particular post, so kudos on grabbing attention! Thank you for your post and your advice. It was very beneficial and can be so useful for beginning bloggers and writers. Keep writing, I look forward to getting my attention grabbed and reading your stuff.
I really enjoyed this post! I really got some good advice and particularly enjoyed your point about jargon-free conversations. Sometimes, I think that people can become unbearable and non-relatable in the way they try to come across and present themselves. And if you don’t mind, could I use this post in my blog as a guest blogger? Of course I would give you credit and link to your blog, but I think this should be read by more; it’s just that helpful! Thank you again for posting and sharing wisdom, and let me know if you would mind being a guest blogger for me with this post 🙂 Blog on! haha 🙂
12. Erica Earl– Where Have We Wrong– 3/13/12
haha WOW. When watching this video, one really considers what kind of time we are in; one where things once important are fading, and “fads” are taking over. I never truly thought about how the social media and changes of culture changes so much in the eyes of the younger and current generation. I think it is a constant reminder to stay focused and not let social media completely take over. Thanks for your words and this highly entertaining/concerning/thought-compelling video. I enjoyed it.
I love the entertaining infographics that you found! It really goes to show that are infographics for just about everything! I really enjoyed the coffee one; I can finally understand what I’m drinking at Starbucks 🙂 I love the variety of what you post so keep on keeping on.

Pro Comments

1. Grammar GirlShould You Point Out Errors?– 1/28/12

Personally, I find this blog post very helpful. I am definitely not a grammar genius so whether I am the one be corrected or I am the one doing the correcting, I appreciate now knowing what is appropriate and how to handle it. Thank you for taking the time for writing and making it applicable.

2. Grammer GirlBlond or Blonde?– 1/28/12

Woah! I had no idea that there was even a difference. Goes to show that people still have plenty to learn with the English language: where its words are derived from, what the differences are between words, and more. Thank you for the clarification as well as the background of the words to verify. It was interesting also. Thanks for writing!

3. The Sewer, the Maker, the Copy-Cat MakerI {Heart} My Family– 1/28/12

Well look at that. This is a very interesting and relatively easy looking project to do. And to add to that, it’s even versatile; it can be for your home, or as a gift for another. Nothing screams “I care for you” more than a homemade gift. Thanks for sharing.

4. This Is Glamorous– How to Braid a Hex Nut Bracelet – 2/18/12

I love this post and this bracelet. I tried this DIY a few months ago and loved it. I made one with a blue cord and one with yellow leather cord; they’re fabulous! Thanks for sharing and including such detailed instructions and pictures for those who haven’t attempted yet.

5. Lella Boutique– The (Best) Chicken Salad Sandwich– 2/18/12

Oh my dear good loving Lord. I have wanted so desperately to find a recipe for chicken salad sandwiches without it being too mayonnaise heavy and this it it!!! Seriously, chicken salad sandwiches are a new found love but I am pretty picky on how it’s made. I am really enjoying reading and trying the things that you post and I’m looking forward to what you’ll post about in the future. Keep it up, I’m loving it!!

6. Cotton&CurlsCotton&Curls– 2/26/12

This is so great!!! I love those style skirts and oftentimes have a hard time finding some that fit. I’m definitely excited to try to make this! Thank you for sharing!

7. I Can Find the TimeBaseball String Bracelet– 3/12/12

WOW. That is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing such a creative diy. Please continue to make posts that are easy and enjoyable. You are great. Looking forward to more!

8. One Women’s Haven– More Repurposing Ideas– 3/13/12

I loved your version and spin on the jewelry holder made with a burlap background. Such a feminine and southern touch at the same time. I personally did the same thing but with pegboards and vintage handles and knobs from a thrift store. The board is white and the knobs and such are metallic silver. Loved your spin! Thanks for sharing.

9. Muses of MegretValentine’s Day Hack:  Make heart-shaped cupcakes with a regular tin– 3/13/12

Wow, I never knew that you could do something like this without the specific baking casts. I never would have thought about using a marble to make a specific shape. So cute! I am going to give it a try. Thanks for the post and the nice pictures 🙂 Very inspiring.

10. Mane DishHow To Color Your Hair– 3/31/12

Well, this is highly interesting, and quite frankly, a better process of attempting to chalk one’s hair. How did you come of with this type of hair chalking? Trial and error? Either way, it really does look cool and I think I’m going to try it. Thanks for the post!! Keep on blogging.

11. Elle ApparelThe Socialite Skirt – 3/31/12

This looks like a complicated process but very effective and cute to add to that! I have always been a fan of the nautical fashion pieces. And living in Florida myself, too good to be true. Thanks for the post.

12. Paula DeenCroque Madame– 3/31/12

I love this recipe! It looks soo good! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing with words and recipes of loving food from Paula Deen.

13. thelairweddings– DIY: The anatomy of a candy bar– 4/11/12

I love the intricacy of your post; the candies, the pictures, the decorations, everything! I love the colors that are filled throughout. Thanks for posting something that is so practical and useful for all kinds of people, and there could even be uses for this in events and small parties. It is great instruction, and I can’t wait to use your advice 🙂 Keep on!

2 thoughts on “Blog Comments

  1. Yes, if you think you want to be a blogger, Annalee Cole’s post has some good advice. Just make sure you take the time to engage with others and establish some type of community before you expect people to just start showing up.

    Looks like you are doing well; best of luck to you.

  2. I have just gotten started a week ago with the blogging thing, so it’s kinda difficult to truly understand what I’m doing at first. I’m trying to establish a foundation with community but it’s not there yet. Most likely some time will help along with my goals to comment and engage frequently. Any other thoughts? Thank you for the feedback.

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