Grammar Guru, say what?!

One of the most popular bloggers is that of Grammar Girl. There is post after post after post describing, explaining, advising, and training to turn your writing into something of impact. I honestly don’t understand how someone doesn’t take away something beneficial. I am no grammar genius, so naturally, I learned some good, practical information.

Like when is it appropriate to point out errors? Grammar Girl advised to not point out errors in spoken word in a private conversation, because it might make you seem peevish. She even went as far to say, “To some extent, we are the words that we use,; our writing is an outgrowth of ourselves, an offering to the world.” How true?!

Want to know something surprising? Or something surprising at least to me? There is a difference between “blond” and “blonde”. These English words are derived from French, which gives light to masculine and feminine words. “Blond” refers to a fair haired male, whereas “blonde” refers to a fair haired female. See? Look at that.

Personally, I will keep up with this Grammar Guru Girl, because I would love to become a more accurate and intentional writer. Keep up the good work, you’ve got this girl’s attention!


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