Poynter: Not Just “Courses”. More like Food for Thought

In our Communications class at Southeastern, we frequently visit the site of Poynter News University to gauge our understanding and knowledge of important techniques with writing. There are plenty of courses to take that not simply test you on what you know, but it also provides a walk-through online course with explanation of why things are the way they are, examples, and instructions on how to improve yourself all around.

However, Poynter is not only a site to take courses and quizzes, but it also gives insight on how to become more of an impacting writer, how to deal with situations, and to be a force to be reckoned with. The variety on this site is incredible. Just to show you a few things this site offers, check some of their stuff out.

News University Header from NewsU

News University Header from NewsU

There’s advice on there on how to deal with internet slander or hate speech causality, something one does not necessarily think of. A great example and tips on how to deal is there on Poynter under ‘How-To’s” titled “How to respond when the Internet calls you names”. Before I read that entry, I wasn’t really sure how to deal with it if it were to arise, but thanks to Poynter’s tips, I do.

Another resource that Poynter uses is “Tools for Educators” that gives tips and ideas for better teaching techniques. In this particular entry, Certificate Program and Digital Course Packs, it provides resource to improve and sharpen skills such as journalism, digital design, resume building, and more.

Just when you thought that Poynter’s content base hit a wall, there’s even more to discover. Not only do they instruct, but they help you stay on top of the latest media news and updates under their “Latest News” column. They cover social media stories that you might not have heard of otherwise; but even if you have heard the latest, this tab shows how to properly site and give credit when referring to a story or event in your work.


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