NewsU could teach you a thing or two

Ever want to see how good you really are with writing and style? I have always personally wanted to become a better writer but never really knew how to evaluate and adjust my writing, until now. NewsU offers such a wide expanse of opportunities to improve on your writing and style. 

I was initially introduced to this site from my Writing for Public Relations course and I will say, this is an incredible resource at anyones disposal. I learned that I definitely need some work! There are the smallest things that I thought were permissible in writing that in reality aren’t too nice to look at. 


I was surprised by all the different ways I thought it could be okay to write something, but actually, the best standard to go by is what they promote: Associated Press Style. Take a look at their stuff, it really is handy. This type of writing style is the most universally known as the publishing form. Want to have something of yours published? Go by AP Style. In essence, make it your writing bible. 

Even after the course that introduced me to this ends, I will hope to stop in periodically to improve my writing. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself. Here’s one that I highly recommend. Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More.Enjoy and learn a thing or two!




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