Infographics….I dig it.

Everywhere we look these days, we see so much digital and print media that it is sometimes overwhelming. So many things to see, to read, to interpret…..phew! However, something that is usually always rewarding (whether educational or merely entertaining) is infographics.

Infographics are simply a graph/picture/digital design explaining something and giving more understanding. Think about the possibilities! Even for a client, using infographics in your story can powerfully impact your readers or viewers (depending on medium), and make your stuff stand out from the rest.

For a good majority of people, including myself, seeing things visually help us learn concepts and ideas. Taking a look at something engages the right side of our brain and it sticks much better than simply reading over it. Some are so subtle, that you don’t ever realize it actually is an infographic. Ever seen one of these? Infograhic at its best.

taken from

taken from Google

When I found these two in particular, I could not be more impressed!….and relieved! So effective an easy to understand.

Want to make one but don’t know where to go? Here, infographic generator at your service:

They explain rather difficult concepts, show trends, help us get a better understanding on things we don’t know about, and sometimes just make us plain laugh!


8 thoughts on “Infographics….I dig it.

  1. Infographics are in themselves and art form. From mastering the complex yoga and Pilates moves above to properly using a hair styling product to understanding the evolution of a new media group a la photographs, charts, and ye olde pie chart, they are not just for business meetings or sporting statistics anymore. And I definitely dig them, too!

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