180 Film Festival= AMAZING

I’m not sure what you are doing on this lovely Saturday afternoon, but as for myself, I enjoyed the wonderfully talent-filled event: the 180 Film Festival. Hosted by the Film Department, the Communications Department, and Student Body Leadership Council of Southeastern University. The event ran from March 15-16, 2012 in multiple screening rooms on the campus due to the large amount of films entered.

All day Saturday, there were screenings and workshops with special guest speakers including actor Jason Matthew Smith (Star Trek), Los Angeles Film Studies Center director John Bucher, assistant director Korey Scott Pollard (House, Lie to Me), and actor Mark Atteberry (Nip/Tuck, House M.D.). I went, and I could have not been more satisfied! Shout out to the everyone involved. You truly outdid yourself!!

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5 thoughts on “180 Film Festival= AMAZING

  1. I find it extremely impressive that Southeastern is able to host such a professional event! I was not able to attend but according to your post, I’m sure it was incredible! What do you think that the film department could do to expand or develop this event to make it even better?

    Thank you for sharing,


    • It was truly impressive to see the dedication of the participants and creators. I think it would be most beneficial to advertise throughout the community. Since I am a marketer, thinking that way comes naturally. I would in the future advise for them to get in contact with a local radio station, Joy FM even announces Christian events in the community. And putting up the posters in stores with community bulletin boards (aka Starbucks! They are very resourceful). Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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