HARO is my Hero

In my Writing for PR and Advertising class, we are assigned topics of the week to address, analyze, and provoke conversation. Most of the topics assigned in this course are actually highly resourceful and effective, much to be preconceived ideas of how the course might be. The “TOWs” help us discover and implement things into our writing for our career, and I am very thankful.

from flickr taken by Horsman

However, the latest TOW has by far fascinated and amazed me. Why have I  never known about such a great resource!!! It’s a beauty I like to know as HARO: Help A Reporter Out. Upon reading up on the site and looking through, I realized that HARO is a resource to use reporters, sources and subscriptions, and sponsors. When writing or looking for sources to give your work the extra “oomf”, HARO has outlets for you to find fresh reports, instead of looking through out-of-touch databases; it helps you find effective testimonials, instead of worn-out ones.

Simply, in your time of need or even writer’s block, HARO has your back. Make a profile, and search your hearts desire. You can even submit your work for others to credit and quote and could ultimately give you that big break you are looking for! So what are you waiting for! Get to looking and let HARO save you from bad day writing blues.


2 thoughts on “HARO is my Hero

  1. HARO is certainly one of the most useful tools we have been introduced to in our class. I enjoyed your comment about HARO having better resources than out of date databases. HARO is making it a priority to create a timely and relevant website for reporters. I particularly enjoy the section of the site that allows for input from other writers. This enables you to bounce ideas off each other and help with the writers block you mentioned.

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