“Hello, I am going to knock your socks off…”

This week’s topic consists of what it takes to write an engaging and memorable introduction, what needs to said and stated. Our professor encouraged us to look into a PR and Social Media passionate guru, Lisa B. Marshall. Looking up on her tips, she had some very helpful points.

taken from Google.

She starts obviously with stating their name! She advised that when introducing, say the person’s name you’re introducing at least twice; this gives the room for people to remember their name, and to realize that they are important to you and the engagement of the time.

Another of her most highly recommended tips is to focus on three things in your introduction about yourself. Three things that will make them  remember, something that they can identify with, relate to. Now, whatever that is, is merely up to you. Of course, gauge it to whom you will be speaking to with topics that will get their attention.

Ultimately, keep it fresh. Don’t talk about mundane things. Be confident and try to know what they’re looking for and write an introduction that they can’t help to remember and imprint in their minds.

What other types of advise do you have on writing an introduction? I would love to hear them 🙂


6 thoughts on ““Hello, I am going to knock your socks off…”

  1. I love the tips she gave. When I meet people or introduce myself for a speech I never know what to say. I get so fumbled and lose my train of thought. I can’t wait to put these tips to use in my advance speech class next semester!


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  3. Jillian this is great topic post! I feel people who are young in this field should read what you have to say. So informative! Saying the name at least twice is a great point that I did not cross my mind. I cannot wait to put everything I have learned from this post into practice! Thanks!

    • Oh thank you so much! I was kinda nervous about writing it at first since I am new to the blog scene. But I have to say, it came actually kind of easy! I look forward to implementing it myself in the future. 🙂

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