Twitter Chit Chat

As I am relatively new to blogging, I am similarly new to the concept of a Twitter Chat. Basically one uses hashtags to identify specific topics and allow users to connect with people talking about similar things. It helps hone in on topics that you want more information on, give room to share your knowledge, and make connections with so many interesting people.

Of the listed Twitter Chats that our professor advised, I decided to participate (well more like observe, but it is still participating!) in a Twitter Chat called #Journchat.

After a quick introduction of those participating, the night with #Journchat began with asking questions on the difference between journalism and broadcast. Throughout the night we talked about Mike Wallace, the starter of the real “in-your-face” journalism.

 We then moved on to what networks we prefer and how we implement them into our everyday works and professions. It was interesting for myself but I actually got involved and actually had people reply and engage. I was willing but found that I’m not to shabby at this!!

See?! People are actually responding. I suppose I’m not as bad as I originally thought.

After the Twitter Chat, I learned that there is a plethora of wisdom and resources right at our disposal, all we need to do is search for it. We are only as limited to what we can discover. And that? That is up to us. I was exposed to many different ideas and opinions that for the majority had great validation and reasoning. It also connected me to very interesting people.

It surprised me just how much they knew about such a variety of sub-subjects within the PR/Journalism realm. Between the people that did it as a career, as side-jobs, or the ones just interested, everyone brought SOMEthing to the table.

I want to discover if there are more Twitter Chats about different topics that could help other majors/careers/interests. I would love to find Twitter Chats about Photography for example, who knows, I might even create one spawning with my followers and friends. Who know the possibilities. 🙂

 So, “in conclusion” (haha I couldn’t help it) Twitter Chat? Definitely something to investigate and continue interaction with.

But what about you? What Twitter Chats do you enjoy and would recommend for others to participate with? I’d love to hear your thoughts!!


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