Social Media and Public Relations goes like PB&J

Social Media. We can’t go a single day in our lives pretty much that we do not encounter some medium of social media. It encompasses the population and surroundings of our lives. We are constantly fed it….but when did it all begin; it did not use to be this way….


When there was no internet, no telephone, or radio, people had to rely on mere word of mouth and “snail mail” as we now call; though it was justifiably accepted, in a way you needed to be more efficient in the aspect of doing research with people and meeting times. They couldn’t just stroll on the Times website to inquire about an upcoming press conference or call leads with an inside scoop, or shot someone an email interview. That’s how it used to be; however, now we are in an entirely different playing field.

We are now in a world of instant communication and feedback. Instantly the world can live stream a speech given by a queen, take part in live Twitter discussion chats around the world, and see a viral video reaching the country in a blink of an eye. With such speed, social media is at it’s peak, and it’s only going higher. On August 23, 2012, Social

Taken from

Media showed its influence of some of the royals finest. Prince Harry had some fun in Vegas, too fun; this time, what happened in Vegas surely did not stay in Vegas. The scandalous pictures velocity was honestly almost shocking. Covered in print was Harry with his pants down for the world to see. If that can happen in just 48 hours, imagine what the future holds for us.

We’re coming to a day in the future where people can have even greater access to social media, and companies and people have to be more careful. Companies and corporations will have to educate themselves more on how to keep up and be effective with social media. Being merely aware doesn’t cut it. Not to mention having to do damage control; companies need to be prepared for that kind of thing happening to them.

In the past, only the educated received a real shot in the managing and participating in widespread social media and public relations; presently, most people with internet access has some stake in social media, with PR practitioners and other people in that realm at the forefront; but the future holds for every kind of person to be leading the way.

What does this have to do with PR you might ask? EVERYTHING. It’s the way we are influenced, kept up to date, interact, thrive, advance. We are exposed to it everyday, even if we don’t recognize it at first. So think about it, keep it in mind, and as you’re reading this blog on the internet of millions of users, remember social media.

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