Why PR Has a Special Place in My Heart.

Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken

As a child growing up, have you ever just been drawn to something in particular? The majority of little girls played with Barbies or dolls, but were you drawn in by dressing “perfect” prom dress for Barbie to go with Ken? Or maybe as a little boy you loved playing with cars and you actually would draw pictures of cars with the sickest designs because you saw things differently. Well, little did I know until right about now that I have had hints of PR-like interests growing up as well. Who would have known?

I was that nerdy girl that always brought a disposable camera to the class field trips and go crazy with it. I think the count I had one time was 8 undeveloped cameras at one time; hey, I was eight years old, I didn’t have a steady income to print them out. But even more than that I would design scrapbooks and be so intricate with my details at such an early age. I was obsessed everything creative, and it has followed me ever the more.

I discovered that all of these likings actually could pay off and be included in a real job, where I could have fun, and be creative with details……..PR! Now, don’t completely write off that Public Relations is only about keeping the press out of company business when gone wrong, or only managing phone calls. It covers so much more.

PR= counseling, research, media relations, publicity, public affairs, special events, financial relations, development/fundraising, workplace diversity, marketing communications.

The biggest interest for me is planning events and media relations because I can brainstorm, plan, execute events from 50 people to 1,000, make their time an experience, not just an event, and I can document it and create an atmosphere worth remembering.

"I Love PR" made by Jillian Reid

“I Love PR” made by Jillian Reid

I currently work for an organization at Southeastern University called Student Body Leadership Council, SBLC. On the team, I serve as the Marketing Promoter, which includes calling and working with local businesses, creating playlists, designing the layout, designing marketing and create marketing strategies taking pictures of the event, and making sure everyone is having a good time. I already serve in these facets, and believe that I am appropriately preparing myself to land a job in the field when I graduate with a BS in Public Relations/Journalism. Take a gander at this statistic.

Salaries of Public Relations Majors according to PayScale.com, typical salaries of graduates holding bachelor of arts degrees in 2010 are:

  • Account coordinator – $29,782
  • Marketing assistant – $33,691
  • Event coordinator – $34,750
  • Public relations specialist – $35,843
  • Account executive – $36,973
  • Marketing coordinator – $41,384
  • Public relations manager – $53,500

Uhm, hello?! Sounds amazing to me. The experience I am getting now in SBLC with planning events is what people would kill to be a part of, and with these skills learned, I feel confident in being successful. What about you? What kinds of things sparks your interest?


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