Law and PR


In this course, we are required to do a number of things, from taking courses to improve our writing ability and comprehension, to writing blogs and how to write appropriately. Luckily for our class, this course, “The Basics for Bloggers and Other Publishers” did just that, combined both.

There are three major parts to this concept: defamation, copyright infringement, and how to protect yourself. I learned that defamation means that there was injury to reputation caused by false publications.

Now this kind of wrongful doing happens more often than you think; when someone received false information unknowingly about a person or company and publishes it; or when facts are exaggerated to make things sound more interesting. All of these things are wrong.

In that, there are two main kinds of defamation that I learned through this course: libel (written defamation), and slander (spoken defamation). For whatever form the information was published incorrectly, the minimum should at least be corrected in the same communication medium. Addressing to correct wrong information that damages reputation leans further into proper public relations with crisis management.


In either of these cases, correcting the wrongful publications needs to be addresses and published with apologies. Some tips to avoid defamation are: use reliable sources, be willing to correct or retract your mistakes, be cautious when publishing negative information, and strive to be as accurate as you can.

Something else worth mentioning from the course was the section that explained on how to protect yourself with reliability and honesty. Some tips that I found particularly helpful were to report on subjects and facts that are newsworthy.

Gather information in public places and from publically available sources; furthermore, if your information is gathered in a shady manner, it can be seen as invalid and questionable by readers/viewers. Also, when possible, get consent from people you cover. The last thing you want is someone saying that they did not consent with the information that was published; having consent safeguards you and your credibility.

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