“Social Media News Release for Dummies”

Social Media News Release? Seems almost scary if you’ve never done one correct? I know for me it was until I did some research and discovered that anyone can create one if done correctly. Writer Robin Good explains the basic principles of what a Social Media News Release is when answering a answer in a post…

The Social Media Press Release is an evolved approach to preparing press releases characterized by a multimedial and facts-oriented approach. The typical social media press release integrates video clips, bookmarks, citations, blog posts, multiple links and resources allowing the news editor to pick and select individual info items that may best serve his interest, editorial style and audience.”

Social Media Press Release Template by Todd Defren – Shift Communications

Social Media News Releases are becoming more popular compared to traditional of news releases; however, just like every form of media, Social Media News Releases (SMNR) have advantages and disadvantages.

An article in masternewmedia.com had great viewpoints on strong Advantages:

  • Facts-rich – The release contains one or more sections that provide tangible, non hyped information on the product/service being announced.
  • Organized in multiple content and resource components – The user should have the easiest time in spotting the different content components and accessing the ones that are of greater interest to him.
  • RSS feed(s)allowing readers to subscribe to updates and news about the story being announced. Also additional targeted web feeds by industry, country, and topic.
  • Photos, images – a rich library of images illustrating authors, product creators, product in use, testimonials, etc.
  • Links to many relevant resources
  • Social bookmarking options allowing readers to republish, report, share and email easily the social media release on services like services like del.icio.us, Digg, and Technorati
  • Readers contributions – allowing readers to contribute further relevant information including links, comments, images, videos and other relevant material.
  • Tag Cloud – showing all relevant keywords in a visual hierarchical fashion
  • News Radar on the topic of the news release

On the flip sides, there are disadvantages:

  • Lack of Anonymity – you are completely putting yourself out there; your age, contact information, email, website, etc. Most of the times is it safe for the purpose of informing the media, businesses, and people that will benefit; as far as I know there hasn’t been any report of someone abusing the power of personal information from a SMNR, but there are people who wonder about having one’s information out there.
  • Scams and Harassment – There is opportunity for one’s personal information to be abused with failure of security in the area of scams and harassment. While there are sites out there to protect your personal information, there any no complete guarantees of preventing them.
  • Time consuming – It will envelop your time if you want to be clear, efficient, and effective for readers and business to enjoy and react to your SNMR. The more quality time you spend on making it quality, not simply quantity, the more chances that it will be enjoyable.
So, with all this information, when should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR? A PR practitioner should use it when they want the media to know about something that is important to their client. Whether that is information or a review about an event, a promotion, a nonprofit charity partnership and more. Basically anything that you would want the media and people to know about.
Don’t be afraid to create a SMNR, it’s not only for the “pro’s”! You can do in some simple steps.
Here are some sites that can assist in making you create a great looking and simple to use Social Media News Release:
And look what I found? Maybe this could help too!

taken from Google.

Need some examples to help the juices flow? Check out these top Social Media News Releases that have rocked the social media realm. You might even notice a few popular companies!
While doing research, I have discovered tips and tricks to making an effective and less stressful Social Media News Release.

1. Democratize “Access” – The content (words, multimedia, links) need to be available to all comers.

2. Ensure “Accuracy” – First off, given the electronic (and thus easily transfigured) nature of the Social Media News Release, we need to be thinking about some sort of “trustmark” scheme.

3. Embrace “Context” – Research and provide links to background information on your subject. Don’t shy away from competitor information.

4. Build “Community” – We need to make it easy for anyone who views the Social Media News Release to: comment on its content; re-mix its multimedia elements for use in blogs, on YouTube, and in the online versions of traditional print publications; bookmark it using Social Media tools, etc.

5. Be “Findable” – Optimize your release so search engines see you and find you.

 Feel confident yet? With all these resources I’m not sure how one could feel less than equipped. I found them extremely helpful, and I hope that you did as well. I learned quite a lot of information and now know that I am prepared to make one myself and possibly use it for future employers. Maybe you can too!

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