“David Letterman’s Top 10 Blog Tips!”….okay not quite.

original taken from Google, edited by Jillian Reid

Did the title of this post catch your eye at all? I sure hope it did because for some reason or another you are reading it now. As of January, I had never even considered blogging or even wrote a blog post before. But in that process, I have stumbled across some do’s and don’ts, from either my own trial and error or getting insight from others. I may be no genius, but I did discover some things 🙂

1. Obviously, the title was interesting enough for you to be reading, so create an engaging blog post title. Make it funny, witty, or anything else that would make them take a second look. Personally, I go for the funny and witty. 🙂 So much so that David Letterman would be proud…okay maybe not. Who knows really.

2. Please, please, please, put pictures in your post! Sometimes, it really is boring to read just words, with no pictures at all. Think about it, in elementary school, you didn’t really read too many books without pictures in it of some kind or quantity. So please, nothing is more boring or less eye-catching than the absence of pictures.

3.  As you consider the content of your blog post and the amount of time that it requires to take in writing it, you want to take the same energy and worth in your picture. As a minimum for having pictures, make sure that they are meaningful and just as important as your words. And make sure it fits.

4. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your range of readers unless there is work put in to it. If you want people to read your blogs, seek out and read theirs! Build community, find people with similar interests and engage. Follow and keep up with people, and it might come to “repay” you faster than you think.

5. Don’t be too cluttered. Break it up, make bullet points, short paragraphs that word counts don’t get too high. When one sees so many words without a distant break in paragraphs, or too many colors and fonts, it will be looked over faster than that neon orange and purple plaid fur coat. Exactly, you just cringed reading that. Don’t give readers the opportunity to give you the same cringe.

6. Do some research. Find out what you’re interested in and see what others are interested in. That way you can more appropriately gauge what people will react to.

7. Keep it clean. No one wants to read things that bash people or ideas harshly. With hateful posts or comments, people will get an impression of you that might not be true. When you radiate hateful thoughts, you will attract hateful people. Don’t do that to yourself; it’s not pretty.

8. HAVE FUN! Write about what you’re passionate about. Let that passion show through with what you write about and people will be more willing to read.

taken from Google.

9. Although it might seem elementary, proof read what you write. Check for spelling, grammatical errors, and the other usual, often-overlooked things. Having a clean and corrected post reflects highly of your ideas and makes your blog more credible. How can one refuse that?

10. Try, fail, learn is a motto of mine. It’s okay to try something new with blogging, and it’s equally okay to mess up a little. You learn through your successes and mistakes. You can learn something through a mistake that you might not learn through a success. Try, try, and try again. You’ll get the hang of it, but it might take a few posts or weeks to make sense of blogging as a whole. It did for me, but look where I am now? I’m better now than I was a few weeks ago even. Be confident and blog on.

Thanks for reading 🙂 And I hope that you can gain something from doing so. Do you have any other thoughts or tips? I still want to get better and want to learn! 🙂


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