PR Professionals and the Ethnic Makeup Change

When growing up as a kid, didn’t you notice that all the Barbies were Caucasian with blonde or brown hair? That most baby dolls and even action figures were ethnically of the majority? Well have you noticed now that we are seeing more and more ethnic diversity? Honestly, I think that’s a great thing to see, because we are all different but we live together, do life together, and function together.

Types of Barbie Dolls

Types of Barbie Dolls

There are so many factors that go into the work of being a Public Relations Professional. Not only do you have to deal with handling public relations crisis’  for companies, handle social media, and more, but now Public Relation professionals have to grapple with the changes in the racial and ethnic makeup of the United States.

Looking to social media, you can see our growing and changing ethnic demographics being represented more accurately. Entire movies like Tyler Perry productions feature the demographics of African American and are becomingly wildly popular.

Commercials, advertisements, movies, television shows, marketing: EVERYTHING is ethnically and racially changing. So what does that look like as PR Professionals?

We have to become more acclimated with the cultures different than the most popular or the ones most familiar to us. We have to study up on changing practices in the public relations realm, upkeep with PR law, and likewise with the changing culture and ethnic diversity.

So, study up! Make sure you give appeal to every kind of culture and ethnic group. To deny one’s people group not only denies you that group for your job, it denies them basic consideration of their culture to give effort and concern to.


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