Personality Profile: Liz Colburn

Five feet in height, Starbucks in hand, and a fashionista is what you can expect from Assistant Project Manager of Student Body Leadership Council, Liz Colburn. As a lover of planning event, “The Office,”, and fashion, Colburn is a woman of influence, laughter and leading power.

Liz Colburn

For this talented event planner, communication is both an art and skill; whether it’s written or spoken, executed or planned. That’s why having a triple threat like Colburn at the forefront of an event planning team at Southeastern University is treasured. Colburn offers more than just communication to the team. Her spunky attitude and progressive viewpoints in public relations and fashion are what makes her admired within the event planning team.

“Event planning is my version of art,” states Colburn, and with a mindset like that, one can’t help but want to be around her and make beautiful things.

Her first involvement with Student Body Leadership Council, SBLC respectively, was hearing about it through the grape vine. She had heard that SBLC put on campus wide events of all spectrums for the school and it sparked her interest. Without any formal experience, she applied for a marketing position and “by the grace of God” she got hired. Starting as a marketing, she created and designed marketing for her events and worked her way up to the position she is in now taking storm.

Liz and myself at a Conference in Altanta, Georgia in October, 2012.

Liz and myself at a Conference in Altanta, Georgia in October, 2012.

“I want my events this year to be unforgettable,” explains Colburn about her expectations in her new position for the coming year. “I want people to remember at the end of the year that TNL, the talent show, and Homecoming were the best yet!” Clearly, she has set her sights on achieving the best events the school has ever seen. In the planning of her events, she wants people to leave saying “wow”, wanting everyone to take something away and remember the fun time that was shared.

Her interest started early in life as she was always gravitating towards even planning. Through high school Colburn was in student government planning proms and homecoming and found it was here niche. It was then when she became interested in graphic design and advertising. She commented, “SBLC is the best of both worlds! Event planning and graphics—Love it!”

Thought Colburn works diligently in her position, she understands and insists on personal time to have fun and relax. Expect to see her on her days off laying by the pool, listening to the radio, accompanied by her floppy pool hat.

“My favorite things to do are pretty much like any other college female—shop, beach, movies, etc., ” as she takes a sip of her iced Starbucks drink and adjusts her sunglasses. “Like shopping; shopping is more than a hobby for me, it’s a way of life!” winks Colburn.

Liz Colburn

With her event planning experience, Colburn aims to take her skills to New York City to try with the big leagues. She has always been in love with New York City and admits that her love for the city is pretty intense. Even admitting her room is covered with pictures, posters, and things of NYC.

“I feel something I feel no where else when I am there,” remarks Colburn, “and where else will I have better opportunities to plan major events like fancy weddings or fashion shows?” She looks forward to the future with high anticipation of pursuing her passion for PR and event planning in such a unique place, and nothing will stop her until she reaches that goal.

Who knows, maybe when she moves to NYC, she can finally meet her celebrity crush, hopeful future husband, Steve Carell. She admits that it might sound weird because he is older and not the typical guy to be attracted to, but she picks humor over good looks any day. “He is my favorite male actor because on one else can make me laugh like he does! His character from the ‘The Office’ (Michael Scott) is by far, my favorite television character of all time.” As a fun-loving, spontaneous woman, Colburn loves a good laugh and aims to being life to any room she’s in.

Bringing that life into a room, Colburn lovingly confesses that she obnoxiously sings her picks from the “Billboard Charts,” or keeping everyone up to date with anything ‘Hollywood’—she knows basically about everything you need to know since she thoroughly enjoys movies, acting, television, and famous people and their “crazy lives”. Not to forget her undying love and affection for her most prized possession—her sweet pup Beesh. Who else would you know to bring their pup to meet Santa and get its picture with him too?

The Whole Crew from TNL, an Event Liz Colburn co-led

The Whole Crew from TNL, an Event Liz Colburn and her team planned with SBLC

To say that Liz Colburn is a dynamic, entrancing, and life-loving woman would be an understatement. Her passion for event planning, PR, and fashion make her a force to be reckoned with. The experience she is obtaining now is equipping her to be prepared for reaching her goals, and her hobbies and loves will keep her having fun and enjoying life along the way. In the years to come, she aspires to become an Executive Coordinator for the team and to one day be leading NYC’s infamous Fashion Week. Keep your eyes on this fashion-forward trendsetter, because one day you’ll be reading about her in the magazines as transforming and reinventing the event planning industry, all with her Starbucks and sunglasses in hand.

Liz Colburn's Blog!

Liz Colburn’s Blog!

Check out Liz’s blog “Randomly Ravishing!” She’s quite a blogging gem 😉


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