Cupid’s Favorite Day

As Valentines Day approaches, what do you think of?

Cheesy valentines with some clipart? Biting into Russian Roulette-style imageschocolate candies? Bundles of flower bouquets in all sizes? That special someone showing you their care and affection? Or are you flying solo this Valentines Day, either content, or hoping to someone would surprise you?

This year, like most years, I am part of the singles club. My dad will most likely send me some flowers and say he’s my first valentine and say no man will love me more in the world. Yes, dad, that is true, but in the back of my mind, I still sometimes wonder when someone will come along.

However, that isn’t out of anxiety for feeling alone. Quite on the contrary in fact; I get to do whatever I want, free of having to plan around someone’s schedules. But as this holiday approaches, I keep one thing in mind that I would like to share…..

In relationships, I take WAITING over SETTLING any day of the week. 

Yes ladies and gents. I feel you don’t have to be in a relationship with someone all your life to feel whole. Your identity should be found in yourself, not in the “security” a relationship seemingly gives you. It’s not all bad, dating, that is. It’s great when done right, but personally, until the right one comes along, I don’t plan on dating just anyone.

Not just anyone deserves my heart, or yours for that matter! A heart should be protected. Don’t settle merely for someone who gives you attention, because that is fleeting! Wait for someone who indulges in your dreams, loves your passions, and wants to be your partner day in and day out, good or bad.

Wait for someone who will value every part of you, and only want the best for you. Too many times we settle because we get impatient; however, if memory serves me right, it times time, just like the process of a diamond forming. 

So this Valentines Day, instead of moping around, or wishing you were with someone else or someplace else, remember that the wait is worth it. You’re future someone will thank you for that.

As always, live life beautifully and live abundantly.


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