Opportunity and Dreams dressed in Overalls

Thomas Edison

Oftentimes, as an American sometimes especially, we become acclimated to having things immediately at our disposal. Think about it: if you wait more than a minute at a red light, it seems like an eternity; pumping gas that takes a few minutes seem to be the longest minutes ever; and don’t get me started with heating something up in the microwave.

The problem is, we don’t like to wait, and the majority of us, we genuinely don’t like to work too long at something. When something comes into our head, we become fixated on it; we want to get it, cultivate it, and see results right there. But oftentimes, it rarely works that way. After a little time, we become less enthusiastic and give up or stop giving all our effort and stop looking for opportunities.

I am victim to this myself, and constantly have to remind myself that Rome itself wasn’t built over night. It takes patience, hard work, and discipline! AH! The “D” word…. they are words that we don’t like to hear, because we are aware we lack in those areas.

But here is my charge to you; be aware of what effort and hard work you have towards something and don’t stop because it doesn’t immediately show you your dreams. Dreams are built step by step, being diligent and faithful to those small things that end up being the foundation to the huge things! Don’t be afraid to work for it!

Think of it this way; diamonds take heat, pressure, and time. They do not form overnight, and they are valuable. If everyone had easy access to diamonds, they would surely lose their worth because they would be plentiful. Your dreams and hard work are those diamonds; they take time and pressure. But I promise you, if you put the effort forward, you’ll start to see your hard work pay off by seeing your goals and dreams come true.

As always, be blessed.


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