Cherish Your Loved Ones

Today is a day I know all too well.

A day like any other day. You smile, you eat, you breath in and out. Then it happens. In an instance.

Today my close friend’s best friend’s grandfather passed away. We dropped our plans and rushed to the family’s side to offer our condolences and care. Arriving at the home of a family I did not truly know, it reminded me how very real this same situation was for me just under a month ago.

My grandfather passed away suddenly and turned our world upside down. The only true comfort we had in moving forward was knowing he was right with God and he was free of pain. It did made things easier, but it never takes all the pain away.

Adapting and finding the new normal after a loved one passes away can be the hardest thing to find. To find that balance. Sitting in that house, with people bringing food and love, was all too familiar.

Above the hurt, the sadness, and memory flooding and rushing back to mind from losing my beautiful grandfather, like this family did today, I was reminded that God is good and can give peace that surpasses understanding.

In the same token, I was reminded just how precious and short life is. You never truly know when a phone call can change your life in a mere instance.

So please, for the sake of those unable to hug their loved ones, for the ones that seldom visit their family, but for your sake, cherish your loved ones and your family.

Tell them you love them all the time. Get off your phone if you’re supposed to be spending time with them. And love them. Because you never know when your time is up.

But. Through it all. Know that when that time does come, you are not alone. A wonderful counselor named Jesus will be by your side if you let him.

Hug the ones you love today. Or call. Or write. Do something.
Please. Time is precious.

Show love, and be blessed.


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