Time Management and Sabbath

ImageCurrently, I am a junior in college, taking 17 credit hours, working 20 hours a week, working a scholarship job for school in addition to that, play intramural sports, and manage to stay in one piece. How in the world could I do such and still be standing? Time management. 

There are things in your life that are essential, like paying your bills, working, and taking care of you body, and some are definitely not, like watching 4 hours of kittens on youtube, taking up a new hobby like advanced origami, and teaching your canary to sing Madonna. 

I make those silly analogies to help you realize that in life your priorities need to be straight. But why is that so hard? Because we lack focus and discipline. Sorry I called you out, and trust me, it isn’t fun when I have to do it to myself. Well where do I start? I’m glad you asked. 

I have things that I plan my weeks by. Look ahead to see if something is coming up, and PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Don’t brush it off your shoulder as if it’s not important because doing that will bit you in the butt. 

Put your essentials first: work, homework, chores, and personal care like exercising and eating right. THEN may you move into “extracurricular activities.” Make sure you accomplish those things before moving on the next. When you take care of A, B, C, and D properly, you can then fully dive into E and F. 

Be efficient and productive. Don’t get distracted (easier said than done I’m aware). But being focused will save you more time, and then when you do relax it is more fulfilling because you are not worried about other things to do. Image

One HUGE THING TO STRESS is the idea of a Sabbath. Honestly, this is one of the most important concepts in life I have found and it does me wonders. Out of your week, take a Sabbath; that is, plan a day or a few hours time of rest and relaxation. Not taking time to sit down and rest and enjoy life will burn you out. Trust me, I’ve been victim to this before. 

If you do not refuel and relax your mind, it can lead to serious health problems wearing down your immune system, and even warping your mental health and stability. 

So in between all the important priorities, make resting a part of one. Seriously take a few hours and do what you enjoy. Not only will it be fun, but it will also refresh your mind to be sharper moving ahead. Not resting is simply counterproductive. 

I might not know the absolute key to time management, but with my crazy schedule, being efficient and taking a time of rest goes further than most think.  But the biggest thing is to in the midst of it all take care of yourself, plan accordingly, and make time to rest. 

As always, be blessed. 


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