Bathing Suits to Suit You the Best!

Can you feel it in the air? The sunshine and warmth floating through the breeze and kissing your skin? SPRING IS HERE! And I don’t know about you, but I am darn glad that the sun and great weather is out from behind the clouds. But as this time of  year comes, not everyone is ready to face the beach and feel completely confident. Trust me, I have been victim to this too. But there is hope! Sometimes, just a little adjustment in what type of bathing suit you wear can actually make a difference, even making you feel so much more ready! So, with that being said, take a look at these tips to find the best suit for you.

Bust Increase: embellishments will pump up the volume- or at least create that optical illusion

Look for

  • gathering detail
  • “Enhancing tops”

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Bust Support: coverage is the best and sometimes you need that help keeping everything in place!

Look for

  • underwires
  • boning at sides (strong elastic band)
  • banded halter

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Emphasize Curves: for those who can and feel comfortable, go on with your bad self! Hugging your curves and drawing attention to them is an easy thing to do.

Look for

  • princess seaming
  • same color print top and bottom
  • cut out one piece

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Minimize Curves: thicker straps minimize hugging too tight to your body and tankinis can elongate your torso, slimming the appearance of your body.

Look for

  • thicker straps
  • full coverage
  • v- neck tops
  • sporty suits

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Lengthen Body: perhaps if you are petite or simply want to make your body look longer, having a higher waistline provides the optical illusion that your legs are longer. Try it on for size!

Look for

  • bottoms sitting slightly higher on hips
  • thinner sides
  • higher waistline

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What are you waiting for?! Hit the beach, lake, river, or whatever with confidence! Honestly, YOU GOT THIS! Strut your stuff and feel great doing it. Even if your body is something of an issue, slowly but surely you can build confidence. Take the spring and summer by storm. You are beautiful and wonderfully made; you have something great to offer to the world! Have fun and enjoy life!

So I know I didn’t cover everything, but I covered some body styles! If you have a body type that I didn’t cover, comment and let me know and I will add those too! I want to know what you think and what you are looking for. Please, if you have any more tips, share!

Put on your shades, lather up, and live abundantly.


Infographics….I dig it.

Everywhere we look these days, we see so much digital and print media that it is sometimes overwhelming. So many things to see, to read, to interpret…..phew! However, something that is usually always rewarding (whether educational or merely entertaining) is infographics.

Infographics are simply a graph/picture/digital design explaining something and giving more understanding. Think about the possibilities! Even for a client, using infographics in your story can powerfully impact your readers or viewers (depending on medium), and make your stuff stand out from the rest.

For a good majority of people, including myself, seeing things visually help us learn concepts and ideas. Taking a look at something engages the right side of our brain and it sticks much better than simply reading over it. Some are so subtle, that you don’t ever realize it actually is an infographic. Ever seen one of these? Infograhic at its best.

taken from

taken from Google

When I found these two in particular, I could not be more impressed!….and relieved! So effective an easy to understand.

Want to make one but don’t know where to go? Here, infographic generator at your service:

They explain rather difficult concepts, show trends, help us get a better understanding on things we don’t know about, and sometimes just make us plain laugh!