Iron Man 3: A Movie to Watch For


What a man! The iconic Iron Man returns the theaters yet again! One of my favorite superheroes is back for more, but things aren’t what they seem anymore. Coming out MAY 3, 2013 (a day after my birthday. nice present huh?!) is a movie you DON’T want to miss!

Check out this official trailer!


Spring Break Packing List

This year, like last, I am traveling to the beautiful and sensational Florida Keys. The islands and reefs will be the prettiest you’ll see around, and the rich culture you will crave to soak in. That, along with beautiful sun to take in.

Only 2 days away, I actually haven’t started packing yet, but my friend that’s coming with us asked what to bring, since she has never been to the glorious place. So, I figured I would share that information with you. Even if it’s not necessarily helpful for you, at least it can get you excited for the fun to come!

The things to bring for the best time ever:

A couple, or several bathing suits. The outside is my best friend during Spring Break. Bring a variety; sporty for activities, bandeaus for tanning, bikinis for walking around with a light coverup on. Down in the Keys, bathing suits are pretty much considered clothing. So do it right. For more information, Check out my blog post about wearing the right bathing suit to suit your body!

Sun tan lotion and proper moisturizer. I bring a ton of lotion with aloe in it. It’s my favorite and it helps a lot since the sun is more intense down there. My personal favorite is Banana Boat Lotion with Aloe. It’s my staple and has preserved my tan long after the sun! Although a tad pricey, usually running around $6-8 depending on where you go, it will be an investment. Goes a long way, feels great and soothes skin, and it smells nice too. But at Target, it’s on sale!!! Check out these other good lotions at Target too!


Pool hat and/or some other hat. I bring a huge pool hat for the days I want to read by the pool without straining my eyes and then a small little snapback guy for the beach. I got one down there last year with my name on it with neon colors, and I’m obsessed. Trust me, it’s a water thing, and it’s great to have one. Or even a cute Fedora! Fedora’s are ultra chic and cool.

Me and my sister, Lauren, on Duval Street in Key West, Florida. Summer 2012

Me and my sister, Lauren, on Duval Street in Key West, Florida. Summer 2012

Shopping bag (over the shoulder). You need one with a good strap. Too skinny and it will kill you, eh! I’ve had that happen. So while you’re wandering the Duval Street with the shops or looking at coastal antique stores, bringing the right bag can save your stuff, and your shoulder!

Beach reads (although it’s not a big beach since the keys are mainly reefs, for the beach club bring books or magazines). I like bringing reads because it’s relaxing and it can keep you occupied. Catch up on your celebrity reads or classic novels; my reading will have both!

Down by the Shore

Down by the Shore

Sun dresses, shorts, tanks, etc. Bring some easy, breezy outfits that require minimum maintenance. When you’re done in the water and are rushing to dinner with your friends, the last thing you need to worry about it ironing or second guessing your outfit choice. Light materials are the best and try to avoid dark colors if you’re trying to stay cool since dark colors absorb the heat.

Wherever you’re going on Spring Break, remember the essentials! And to add to that, be aware of your surroundings, keep your stuff close to you and don’t get completely swept away in the scenery. You still need to be safe after all.

But go! Have fun! Where are you going? Know anything else I need?

As always, be blessed, and this time, be extra sunny!

Bathing Suits to Suit You the Best!

Can you feel it in the air? The sunshine and warmth floating through the breeze and kissing your skin? SPRING IS HERE! And I don’t know about you, but I am darn glad that the sun and great weather is out from behind the clouds. But as this time of  year comes, not everyone is ready to face the beach and feel completely confident. Trust me, I have been victim to this too. But there is hope! Sometimes, just a little adjustment in what type of bathing suit you wear can actually make a difference, even making you feel so much more ready! So, with that being said, take a look at these tips to find the best suit for you.

Bust Increase: embellishments will pump up the volume- or at least create that optical illusion

Look for

  • gathering detail
  • “Enhancing tops”

pictures gathered from

Bust Support: coverage is the best and sometimes you need that help keeping everything in place!

Look for

  • underwires
  • boning at sides (strong elastic band)
  • banded halter

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Emphasize Curves: for those who can and feel comfortable, go on with your bad self! Hugging your curves and drawing attention to them is an easy thing to do.

Look for

  • princess seaming
  • same color print top and bottom
  • cut out one piece

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Minimize Curves: thicker straps minimize hugging too tight to your body and tankinis can elongate your torso, slimming the appearance of your body.

Look for

  • thicker straps
  • full coverage
  • v- neck tops
  • sporty suits

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Lengthen Body: perhaps if you are petite or simply want to make your body look longer, having a higher waistline provides the optical illusion that your legs are longer. Try it on for size!

Look for

  • bottoms sitting slightly higher on hips
  • thinner sides
  • higher waistline

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What are you waiting for?! Hit the beach, lake, river, or whatever with confidence! Honestly, YOU GOT THIS! Strut your stuff and feel great doing it. Even if your body is something of an issue, slowly but surely you can build confidence. Take the spring and summer by storm. You are beautiful and wonderfully made; you have something great to offer to the world! Have fun and enjoy life!

So I know I didn’t cover everything, but I covered some body styles! If you have a body type that I didn’t cover, comment and let me know and I will add those too! I want to know what you think and what you are looking for. Please, if you have any more tips, share!

Put on your shades, lather up, and live abundantly.

Be My Guest! Beauty Department..take the stage

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee (minus your weird copyright updates, but that’s for another time to discuss). Anyways, yet again, I found something that I could not resist. Not only with this post, has intrigued and inspired me. Take a look at their site, you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s one of their latest fascinating and creative posts about a manicure design…that is basically, one to drool over. Check it out! And check out Kristin Ess, the CO-FOUNDER of!!! Look up her twitter and see what she’s up to; she must be pretty good to have over 10,000 followers. She has some pretty big things going on. ENJOY! 🙂 I know I did.

from; photos and post by Kristin Ess

If you’re a fan of pretty shiny things, you’re going to love our first spring mani of the season. We all know everything looks better dipped in gold, so we thought this should do the trick. I decided to use gold leafing sheets to accent the corners of these turquoise nails. Here’s how you do it:

TOOLS: Turquoise nail polish, gold leafing sheets (available at your local art supply stores or see link below), clear top coat, nail file, q-tip (regular or pointed).


  1. Select a good turquoise polish. I used this one, but to be honest you can use any color that you think goes well with gold. (It’s really pretty with white + coral!)
  2. Paint all of your nails with the base color you choose.
  3. Gold leaf sheets (I used these) are VERY delicate so make sure your hands are clean + dry before handling. They tear so easily! Use scissors to cut small triangle shapes that will fit the corners of your nails. You want to cover about 1/3 of your nail, so make your triangles about that size.
  4. Wet a q-tip and use that to pick up your gold triangle. Don’t try to pick them up with your fingers– you’ll crumble them and that’s a bummer!
  5. Lay the gold leaf triangle on the corner of the nail. You want to work quickly so the leafing sticks to the polish. The polish should be dry but still slightly tacky. If it’s too dry, put a very thin layer of clear top coat down before laying the leaf on the nail.
  6. Smooth over the gold leaf with a clean dry q-tip to remove wrinkles/bubbles. If you mess up and chip off a piece of gold, it’s totally fine! Gold leafing is so thin that you can just lay another piece over the messed up part and it blends right in.
  7. Use a nail file to gently file off the excess just like you would with nail stickers!
  8. Finish with a quick drying clear coat to lock the gold leafing down!