Oh Podcasts…..how lovely you are.

Something that is taking the digital world by storm is something referred to as “Podcasts”. When researching for the origin of the Podcast movement, I stumbled upon a website that explained it all. On cueblocks.com, there was an article named “Podcast- Evolution of Technology” and here’s some information about the evolution.

taken from Google.

Podcasting is a technology that allows you to download and listen to audio files using portable music (MP3) players like the Apple iPod. Hence, Podcasting term origin: iPod + Broadcasting = Podcasting. Clever huh?

The reasons on why it’s so popular include listening convenience, no advertising, and easy creation and distribution. I listened to a Podcast that I felt could really help me in my aspirations of becoming more influential in the PR world. The blog is called Coming to PR and it incorporates frequently podcasts and helpful tips to becoming better.

Upon listening to the podcast, I picked one with the topic professional development (episode 18). It highlighted about the principle of making yourself known but in a positive light. They advised about building relationships in the public relations field: interacting with bloggers, writing pertinent information and tips for doing that, and engaging the most variety of people.

One of the hosts of the podcast, Mary, give advice for those starting out in the industry (especially in agencies): Be prepared to be under steady criticism, but don’t let it get you down! What practical and positive advice. She explains that when she initially got involved in PR and professional development, she was nervous but hopeful for the future and what she could do there.

taken from Google.

The main thing that the podcast highlighted was encouragement on starting out and making good connections, reacting to criticism both good and bad, and how to be innovative in that.

Listening to podcasts can greatly influence new PR practitioners and aid the continuation of current ones. Listening to podcasts can give great tips that we overlook; wisdom from people that have tried, failed, and learned the good, bad, and ugly.

It  can also give insight to future trends so one can be on the cutting edge on the industry. And you can find practically any topic too, whether it’s digital design, PR practitioners, and more. Try searching in iTunes, they have a plethora of topics. As for me, I will utilize podcasts in the future to the betterment of my career.


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